Black Canyon Landscaping

Landscaping and Irrigation  Installation and Maintenance 
Serving Delta and Montrose Co, Counties

Our services

Landscape Design and Maintenance
Weekly Mow, Trim, Blow   -   Edging
Weed control - Landscaped beds, sidewalks, curbs/gutters
Spring and Fall Cleanups, aeration
Sprinkler Start up and Fall Blow Outs 

Design & Renovation

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Watering & Irrigation

Why choose us

36+ years of experience

Building and maintaining Golf Courses, Hospitals and hundreds ofback yards

Local Knowledge

From Moab's Unique sandy soil to Western Colorado's demanding clay/rock soil 

Unique plant varieties

Xeroscape to an overgrownJungle look

We've got you covered and source locally!

Professional & Convenient

Get it done right, on time, zero hassle.  All of our team is drug and criminal screened and are committed to world class service

Our projects

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